Merkert Tech provides a wide variety of available services. From simple error messages to computers that won't boot, from connectivity issues to setting up a network from scratch, Merkert Tech can help you. Below is a list of available services. If the service you need is not listed below, that doesn't mean we can't help. Just call us or e-mail us, and let us know what you need. Pick-up services and at home/office service available. And our prices are much lower than Staples!

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General Repairs

Repair Service

Is your computer having problems? Does it give you error messages? Is it unable to start? We offer computer repair, which will get your computer up and running the way it is supposed to be. With low prices and in-home servicing available, your computer can be up and running in no time.

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Hardware Upgrades

A computer can be made faster by a hardware upgrade. Upgrading the RAM of a computer is the easiest and cheapest way to make your computer faster. Or perhaps you are running out of space, and need a larger Hard Drive. Whatever your upgrade is, Merkert Tech can upgrade your computer for you!

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Virus and Spy-ware Removal

Viruses are a pain! If you find your computer infected with a Virus, Spy-ware, or Malware, Merkert Tech can Help!

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Tune Up

Speed your PC up

Is your computer running slower than it should? A tune up is a quick and easy way to get more speed out of your computer. By deleting temporary files, and optimizing disks, Merkert Tech can get your computer running faster!

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Problem Solving

Stop Error Messages

Have a computer problem that you can't figure out? We can solve it! Anything from malfunctioning hardware, to corrupt software, we will find the solution to your problem.

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Network Installation

Have multiple computers that you want to network? Want to be able to access the Internet from anywhere in the house? Whether you want to expand a current network or create a new network, Merkert Tech can get you networked.

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Network Troubleshooting

Have a network in place, but it is having problems? Having a hard time connecting to a wireless access point? We can troubleshoot your network problems, and get your network back up and running.

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Secure Disposal of old Equipment

Upgraded your computer, and about to throw out the old one. Let Merkert Tech help! When you throw out your computer, the information on it is still available for people to take. Even if you delete files, or format the drive, the information is still recoverable. Let Merkert Tech securely erase all of your data, and dispose of your old equipment for you.

Remote Support:

Remote Support with ScreenConnect

Merkert Tech is always looking for ways to more appropriately accommodate our customers needs. We want to be able to give you top grade support as soon as possible. With help from ScreenConnect you can now receive support from Merkert Tech online! Our skilled technician will be able to remotely access and diagnose and fix many software problems.